Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring trip/Wiosenna Wyprawa

I saw this quiz at Dawn's from By Sun and Candlelight and thought it would be fun to take it before the big trip.
Today I'm off to Poland. I will be gone for 6 weeks. I thought it was a nice reminder to myself especially as I'm worried about traveling with three little children and logging all the suitcases. Some friends of ours are going too so I know I will have some help. I will let you know how everything went when I get back in May.

You Are Blooming Flowers

You are an optimistic person by nature. In even the darkest times, you are hopeful about the future.

You feel truly blessed in life and can sometimes be overwhelmed with emotions.

You have an artist's eye. You are always looking for beauty in the mundane.

You have a good sense of aesthetics, especially when it comes to shapes and color.

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